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Reveal Vasara HD Collection for consoles and PC

The title will include the 2 installments of the series shoot 'em up

If you are a fan of the shoot 'em up titles it is probably that you know Vasara. This series by Visco Corporation debuted in arcades in 2000. QUByte Interactive recently acquired the rights to this franchise and plans to take it to current generation consoles and PCs.

This will be possible thanks to the Vasara HD Collection, which will include remastering the first 2 installments of the series of shots. The company did not disclose to which consoles this collection will arrive, but we know that the title will be available in early 2019.

If you are not aware of these titles, you may be interested to know that Vasara places us in the year 1600 AD, a time when Hideyoshi Hashiba, the ruler of Japan, dies and Ieyasu Tokugawa will do his best to take control of the country.

The series has 3 protagonists, who will prevent Tokugawa from proclaiming himself the highest authority on the island. So, you will have to face hordes of enemy ships along various levels. Below I leave you the first teaser of Vasara HD Collection :

For this, you will have several types of attacks. You will have regular bullets, as well as bombs that will do considerable damage to all rivals. To make matters worse, it will be possible to perform melee attacks, which will also serve to deflect enemy projectiles.

In addition to the above, there will be a meter called Vasara. Once that bar is filled, you can make a special melee attack, which will cause more damage than any other combat maneuver. This meter will be filled by collecting various objects, such as red jewels left by enemies when they die.

We will have to wait for QUByte Interactive to reveal more details about the title, such as its exact launch date, a gameplay, as well as details of the consoles where it will be available. Meanwhile, you can visit the official page of this collection.

Did you already know these titles shoot 'em up? On what consoles would you like to see them? Tell us in the comments.


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