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Reveal more details about the paid DLC for Splatoon 2

Octo Expansion will allow you to play as an Octoling

On Nintendo Direct last week, Nintendo announced Octo Expansion, a downloadable content package for Splatoon 2. Time after this revelation, the company decided it was time to share more details about what it will offer.

According to Splatoon's Twitter account for Japan, the protagonist of this new story will be called Agent 8 and it will be an Octoling that wakes up in a mysterious laboratory without remembering much about its past and identity. So, your mission will be to leave a mysterious place and find the answers you need. The good thing is that she will not be alone and by her side, Cap'n Cuttlefish will be, whom you surely remember

This new story will present you 80 new missions, whose difficulty will increase as you progress. That said, it seems there will be an option to call Pearl and Marina and help you skip levels that cost you work.

Once you finish the Octo Expansion campaign, you will unlock the possibility of using the Octolings in the multiplayer modes of Splatoon 2. Keep in mind that these characters will have the same abilities as the Inklings and will use the same weapons as them. Thus, the differences between both types of characters will be purely cosmetic.

Along with this announcement, Nintendo shared new screenshots of Octo Expansion. Click them below:

In case you do not know, Octo Expansion will arrive at Splatoon 2 sometime in the summer and will be sold in exchange for $ 19.99 USD. We will keep an eye on you and inform you if more details about this update are revealed.


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