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Resident Evil 7 reaches 4K on Xbox One X

A video shows the graphics improvement experienced by the video game.

Resident Evil 7 players can now download a new free update that improves the graphics section of this horror adventure in its version for Xbox One X, which reaches an adopted resolution of 4K, which allows you to enjoy a more spectacular gaming experience if it fits.

"The transluminescence technique makes the skin of the characters even more realistic, while the high-definition 4K graphics will immerse you in the ultimate experience of a horror and survival game," reads Capcom's official announcement. "Whatever the type of screen, the power of the Xbox One X will make this the horror experience with the best graphics you've ever seen."

Capcom has released a new video that allows you to see the graphical improvements of Resident Evil 7 on Xbox One X, comparing the game with the Xbox One version.

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