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Rescuing a classic! The Myst series will be updated in 2018

Cyan wants to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this mythical saga of adventures.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the classic Myst series, the renowned studio Cyan has announced that by the end of this year it will release updated versions of the six video games that make up this emblematic series of first-person puzzle adventures, with works as outstanding as Riven or Uru: Ages Beyond Myst.

"In recent years we have been working to recover the rights to all available Myst games, as an independent study," the authors of the most recent Obduction report, "resources are limited, and acquiring rights is not always a But finally we were able to talk to the right people and the corresponding departments, and we gathered some funds to try to make this happen. "

With the agreement already reached, they add, "we are pleased to announce that we will release updated versions for Windows 10 of all Myst games later this year!" This re-launch will be accompanied by a special edition for collectors that will bring together in one pack the six video games of the franchise, along with some succulent extras. In addition, Cyan has advanced that works in a new Myst of which presumably we will receive new news in the next months.

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