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REPORT: some switches have reset the users' playing time

Nintendo confirmed that the problem is real and will offer information soon

Tomorrow, March 3, 2018, Switch will celebrate its first year in the market, which has been marked by the success in sales and the return of Nintendo and its IPs to the first planes of the industry. However, there is a small detail that is bothering users, as some consoles have reset the count of hours of play without notice.

According to a Polygon report , Switch units that arrived at their offices before launch, as well as some day 1 units, reset the count of hours played in the data section of the user account. This has caused that the record of hours invested in specific titles has been restarted and indicates that the title was barely played a few hours or days ago. In that sense, it is important to mention that the game hours record is updated in the console on a weekly basis, but in a year something like this had not happened.

After the information was made public, users who acquired their consoles on the release date reported in different forums that their registered game hours had disappeared and the count started at 0. Obviously the main complaints focused on users of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to be one of the titles with higher hours of game inverted.

Apparently, this is a problem that is affecting users who started playing with Switch on the day of release, or before in the case of the media and those who received it before March 3. For its part, Nintendo confirmed that the problem is real and through a statement reported that they have taken note of the situation and hope to have more information soon.

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