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REPORT: The next Call of Duty will be called Black Ops IIII

Basketball player revealed the Treyarch shooter logo

It is a fact that Treyarch is working on the next Call of Duty, although the announcement is still not official and the details about this project are unknown. However, it seems that we can confirm that the next title of the series will be called Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII.

It all started with a game of basketball, when the Houston Rockets player, James Harden, appeared dressed in a camouflage jacket and a cap with the logo of Black Ops III. Sometime later, a report from Kotaku stated that the new game in the series will be Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII.
Evidently, the new Roman for number 4 is IV, but perhaps Treyarch seeks to continue using the design of its previous titles. It is also possible that this is not the final logo of the game and there are some changes near the launch of the game. For now, it's not clear if Harden will appear in the shooter.

Also, Kotaku said in his report that 2 people familiar with the development of the new Call of Duty commented that the title will continue with a futuristic environment, so it is time to say goodbye to the Second World War.

Details about the next Call of Duty are scarce. It is only known that this new release will seek to deliver a shocking story and that the graphics section will give much to talk about. Some rumors suggest that, in addition to consoles and PC, the title could reach Nintendo Switch. 

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