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Remasters of the first Tomb Raider are on their way to PC

The games will be free for owners of originals on Steam

The first 3 deliveries of Tomb Raider, that is, those that debuted in the 90s, will be remastered. These releases will be available on Steam and will be free for those who have the original verifications.

We know this thanks to realtech VR, a studio known for bringing Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider II to mobiles, announced that it is working on them. In his Twitter account, the developer mentioned that it's about remastering based on mobile versions, that they will use a new 3D engine and that they will have support for OpenVR.

Keep in mind that these remastered versions do not yet have a launch window and we do not know what the price will be. We will keep an eye on you and inform you when we have more details about it.

It is important to mention that last year, realtech VR shared remastering footage of Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider II that never came out on the market. Thus, it is possible that the final result of what the study is creating is similar to the footage that we share below:

To finish, we tell you that Realtech VR also confessed that it is working on a port of Tomb Raider III for mobile devices, which will be shown in April. Although it is not confirmed, it most likely has characteristics very similar to those of the other Tomb Raider ports for iOS and Android.

We take advantage of the fact that we talked about Tomb Raider to tell you that Square Enix confirmed that a new installment is in development and this year we will know more about it. In addition, it is important to know that this month will premiere Tomb Raider: The Adventures of Lara Croft, a new film starring Alicia Vikander. Finally, we found it interesting to know that Mattel will release a Barbie from Lara Croft.


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