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Remake of Fallout 3 Game by fans was canceled

Creators of the mod for Fallout 4 talked to Bethesda previously

One of the most ambitious projects of the community of mods of the Bethesda games has had an abrupt end. We are talking about Capital Wasteland: A Road to Liberty Project, mod for Fallout 4 in its PC version that was intended to be a remake of the famous Fallout 3.

Yesterday, through a statement that was shared on social networks, the head of Capital Wasteland programming: A Road to Liberty ProjectHe reported that the project has been canceled after a series of communications that the development team had with Bethesda. According to the creative, the legal information provided by the company made them see that if the project went on, at some point, it would meet the limits set by law in terms of copyright and use of licenses. This situation led the team to make the decision to finish the project, especially because, even though the graphics and scenario design section was within legal limits, the files with the original voices could not be integrated into the mod and although they thought of performing a new dubbing job, they felt that the essence of the game would be lost.

The team that was creating the mod for Fallout 4 assured that Bethesda did not stop the project, but in the talks, the company made evident the legal conflict that could arise if it continued along the same path. In this way, Capital Wasteland: A Road to Liberty Project was canceled and the promise of its creators is that, if at any time there are legal avenues to make it a reality, they will do so.

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