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Red Barrels: Outlast ports for Switch were made in weeks

The job profile of Mathieu Gauthier offers information about the titles

A few weeks ago, and without warning, Red Barrels decided to launch an edition of Outlast for Nintendo Switch and no doubt many were surprised with the debut of the horror title and how fast it was their arrival to the hybrid console. Recently, the job profile of one of the programmers of the game offered interesting information about it.

According to a Nintendo Everything report, the LinkedIn profile of Mathieu Gauthier, a Red Barrels programmer, indicates that Outlast ports for Nintendo Switch were made in a short time. In this regard, the profile states that both Outlast: Bundle of Terror and Outlast 2they were developed from scratch to adapt them appropriately to the Nintendo console with the aim of offering quality performance that is up to the standards of other platforms. In addition, the information is shown by Gauthier also indicates that in the case of the franchise special attention is paid to the code of the game to adapt it to the conditions of each hardware and although in some cases it is an automatic process, in another it is done manually.

Outlast: Bundle of Terror is now available in the Switch eShop and you can buy it for $ 24.99 USD, while Outlast 2 will arrive on March 27, but you can preorder it on the same platform for $ 29.99 USD.

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