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Rebellion is proud to make new IPs like Strange Brigade

The study says that it is a great risk to launch new brands, but that it compensates them.

Tom Rigby, Steve Bristow and other members of the Rebellion team have recently spoken with the official Xbox magazine in the UK as a senior designer and lead designer of the studio for the development of Strange Brigade. About what? The pride that produces them to launch an unprecedented brand like that.

"I like to make people pay attention to the fact that it's a new IP, and it's something that makes me feel very proud." Rebellion assumes a great risk with it, and I think it compensates ", explained the owner. Rigby on a Strange Brigade that is the new studio game. "And if it does not work, at least we tried. I think that's what this company are good, and we have the freedom to try things like that ... something not seen very often. You do not see much people trying to launch new sagas, the studios play on safe these days ".

"It's very tempting," explained Bristow. "At Rebellion we have great successes, but we like to give our workers a margin to experiment." "We have enough things like that, if we wanted to, we could live to do sequels for the next 10 years, but we're not going to do that and it seems very positive," acknowledged Rigby.

This passionate defense of Rebellion on the new IPs recalls, in some way, another that the parents of the saga Sniper Elite carried out recently to defend that " the games for a single player are not dead ".

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