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Public broadcast of the end of Dragon Ball Super faces difficulties

Toei Animation Inc. issued a statement and Mexican governments responded

After a proposal to broadcast the final chapter of Dragon Ball Super in a public square in Mexico had a positive response by the government of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, many fans replicated the petition to their local governments and even some commercial establishments announced that they would be part of the event. However, the situation has taken a total turn because Toei Animation Inc. issued a statement that has ended with the expectations of the fans.

After the idea of a public broadcast of the final chapter of Dragon Ball Super became a phenomenon in Mexico and in some places in Latin America, Toei Animation Inc., the company that has the rights to the anime, issued a statement in which it disconnected from any relationship with the massive exhibitions that were being organized, making it clear that there is no agreement or cession of transmission rights in favor of institutions or political parties. In addition, the company added: "In an effort to support copyright and protect the work of thousands of people and many labor sectors, we ask that you please enjoy our titles on official platforms and television stations and not support illegal exhibitions that incite piracy. "

As we inform you, it all started with a request from Dragon Ball Super fans to Armando Cabada, municipal president of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, who agreed to the proposal and organized a massive broadcast at Plaza de la Mexicanidad. But, after Toei made the announcement public, Cabada responded that the municipal government was in the best disposition to continue with the event, as long as the group that is, or was, organizing demonstrates that it has the rights of transmission.

As for Mexico City, fervor for a massive transmission of the final chapter of Dragon Ball Super was also present and fans asked in social networks to Miguel Angel Mancera, head of government, that the event was held in the Zócalo. However, Mancera responded with a refusal and declared: "there they clarify that the transmission of this program is exclusive of three companies that have specific rights and are the only ones that can transmit this. is that there is no authorization to make a public transmission of this, however, we want to record that we tried, what they were asking us in social networks, about Dragon Ball ".

What do you think about this situation? Will Toei's request be fulfilled?

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