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PS VR downgrades 100 euros its price

The device of the virtual reality of Sony can be obtained in exchange for 299 euros from tomorrow.

Interested in acquiring PS VR? The Japanese company Sony has announced that as of tomorrow March 29 will be able to buy the device of virtual reality for 299 euros, a reduction of 100 euros compared to its original price.

The general director of Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain has made a statement on the subject of the change: "The reduction in the price of PlayStation VR will bring this innovative technology to players who want to delve into the virtual reality of PlayStation," says Liliana Laporte. "The PS VR catalog has been in constant growth since its launch, offering different adventures that immerse users in a novel way of experiencing video games."

It seems that Sony does not forget its virtual reality helmets, and that not only lowers the price but recently registered a series of patents for new commands for VR.

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