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Presented Scavengers: multiplayer survival of great veterans

A large map houses teams that compete against each other and against a sophisticated hostile AI.

The Midwinter Entertainment studio, headed by former Halo director Josh Holmes and with the support of franchise veterans like Battlefield, has presented his new project: Scavengers. It is a multiplayer shooter focused on survival, where several teams of players compete with each other and also against artificial intelligence in a similar way to the Warzone mode of Halo 5.

To bring this video game to life, Midwinter has partnered with Improbable, which will run the financing charges and lend its interesting SpatialOS technology: a platform that offers developers numerous creative freedoms beyond the limits of the hardware. It will be combined with the development of the popular Unreal Engine 4 engine. The collaboration with Improbable, which back in May had managed to amass more than 500 million dollars, will also allow Midwinter to create a detailed world with an innovative system of internet management; giving space also for an unencrypted AI that can respond individually to the actions of the players.

The announcement of Scavengers is accompanied by a trailer where its makers shed some ins and outs of its development and staging, as well as some pieces of conceptual art from a world set in a land destined for a new ice age. There is still no release date, but it is expected to reach PC through Steam and, maybe later, also consoles.

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