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Prepare to solve a great mystery in The Council

The first episode of the title already has a release date

Focus Home Interactive and Big Bad Wolf are working on the final details for the launch of The Council, a narrative adventure that will feature 5 episodes. If you like this kind of titles, you should know that the first part of The Council will debut next week.

The companies published today the first development diary of this project. In it some developers give details of how The Council will reinvent the genre of narrative adventures. According to the team, they retook the classic formula but chose to give it a fresh twist.

This is because the player will have a very active participation in the evolution of history. The Council will put us in the role of Louis de Richet, who will visit an island owned by Lord Mortimer. Your goal will be to find clues about your missing mother.

If you plan to give The Council an opportunity, take into account that its first episode, The Mad Ones, will debut on March 13 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Next, you can see the development diary:

Big Bad Wolf confirmed that the remaining 4 chapters will debut throughout this year. Among the proposals of The Council is a system of social influence, with which we can manipulate the actions of the other characters of this adventure.

There will be confrontations where we will take advantage of the psychological vulnerabilities of the characters. In this way we will obtain better indications of the mystery to solve. The interesting thing is that our decisions will be permanent and could affect both the physical and mental state of the protagonist.

To avoid this we will have 15 different skills, which will be useful when investigating each member of the council, among which will be personalities such as Napoleon Bonaparte and George Washington.

The Council will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Still no details of the price that each of its chapters will have. If you want to know more about him, 


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