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Playdead gives clues about what his next game could be

The study promoted its participation in GDC 2018

The Game Developers Conference 2018 is just days away from beginning and some of the studios and participating companies are already beginning to promote their presence at the event. One of them is Playdead, a Danish studio recognized for his great work in LIMBO and Inside, which ignited the expectation of the fans with an image.

Through a publication in his official Twitter account, Playdead promoted his participation in GDC 2018 and in passing showed an image that has been the subject of different interpretations. The image, which is a piece of conceptual art, shows the design style used by the studio in its previous installments where you can see a tunnel with a small tent in the background; In the middle of the image appears a standing character who seems to observe the environment and only highlights the size of the stage.

Once the publication began to be noticed, the interest of the fans increased and the expectation is set at GDC 2018 to see if Playdead will announce a new title.

A few days ago, the Danish studio announced a collection edition of Inside that includes a physical copy of the PS4 version and codes to download the same game and LIMBO on Steam.

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