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Phil Spencer believes that there will be games that run totally in the cloud

The head of Xbox believes that the consoles will continue to have an important role

For some time now, Microsoft has made it evident that it sees the processing power of the cloud as a key part of the future of video games. In fact, we can realize the level of faith that the company has in this technology when we see that Phil Spencer, head of Xbox and one of the most important managers of Microsoft, thinks that there will be games that will run entirely in it.

Yesterday, a fan asked Spencer to share his opinion about the medium-term future of cloud processing technology. Given this, the director revealed that he sees a reality where there are games that run completely in the cloud, as well as others that also take advantage of the processing power of a console.

"I think we'll see the whole spectrum from games that run 100% in the cloud and are streamed to any device, to high-end games that process highly responsive elements locally, while latency-tolerant work is done in the cloud to get incredible local results, "Spencer said.

In other words, what Spencer means is that there will be cases in which full games will run in the cloud and will simply arrive via streaming to players' devices. In addition, it sees a future where the games will use the cloud to be in charge of processes that do not require immediate results, fact that will free resources in the console. An example of this is Crackdown 3, a title that will use the processing in the cloud to have better destruction systems.

More ahead, Spencer also shared his opinion on the future of the consoles in the industry: "For me, the key is that a console that is capable of running great games will be important for years. It's what we're planning. "

In other news, at the beginning of the year, Microsoft reaffirmed its commitment to the cloud and games as a service by purchasing PlayFab, a company that offers tools to create games connected by a platform in the cloud. On the other hand, the company confirmed its presence in GDC 2018 to talk about what cloud technology can offer the industry.


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