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Onrush, Codemasters vitaminized MotorStorm

If we tell you that a driving video game picks up as an influence some Street Fighter, Overwatch or SSX mechanics ... how would you fit? The best thing is that when you try it, you realize that these influences are present to make room for a really crazy racing arcade. We tell you what Onrush is like.

The fate of Evolution Studios was, at least, unfair. The British formerly responsible for WRC, MotorStorm or the latest Driveclub saw how Sony closed its offices. However, it was a matter of time before someone took advantage of the situation. They could not fall into better hands. Now they are fully integrated into Codemasters, legendary brand in terms of driving games are concerned, and are developing Onrush, a very innovative arcade that we have already been able to play.

First conclusions: it is innovative, very crazy and fun. The video game contains the DNA of Motorstorm but combines it with many ingredients, some not directly related to the racing genre. In fact, in Onrush the most important thing is not to reach the first goal, but to fulfill a series of objectives for teams that depend on the modality that we are playing. As a culmination to this variety, the eight classes of vehicles ensure that each game is different with respect to the others.

It is too early to ensure success, but the feeling is to find ourselves in a vitaminized Motorstorm. When you start the first race, strong memories come, both by design and by gameplay. This can be a good preamble, although we prefer to try it on more occasions to have a more elaborate opinion. Until then, we present the three keys to your proposal. It will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 5. It will arrive later for PC.

Does it look like something Onrush?

Onrush is, above all, an arcade driving video game, one hundred percent. It does not pretend to be something else. Its creators do not hide inspiring themselves, more specifically in the saga of video games MotorStorm, which were working for almost a decade. However, the definition of a spiritual successor is not correct, since the game borrows concepts from many video games, and not just driving. The developers claimed to take the logic of confrontation versus Street Fighter, the class division of Overwatch, the acrobatic sense of reputable licenses like SSX and the motorized madness that Burnout supposes.

Although it seems difficult, everything is here, and the result is a very funny driving arcade in which the most important thing is not to reach the first ones. To understand it, ONRUSH is based on motorized skirmishes of 6 vs 6 in which the most important thing is to destroy and not be destroyed. Around this concept, several game proposals are erected, which are collected in the main mode, Superstar Mode, a campaign that can be played alone or cooperatively. To accompany, we have an online multiplayer that serves all present modalities, as well as circuits.

  • Innovative arcade races, based on devilish speed and destruction.
  • Strongly inspired by Motorstorm and Burnout.
  • The campaign, Superstar Mode, can be played alone or cooperatively.
  • Multiplayer 6 vs 6 for all game modes and circuits.

Crush the opponent!

We have already said, here the important thing is not to arrive first. In fact, in the "races" of Onrush, there is no finish line. Rather, the mechanics are based on destroying the adversaries and star in large jumps to increase the turbo bar and thus continue to ram. Also available is the "rush" feature, a continuous and rechargeable nitro that allows the battles to be unbalanced. Apart we have eight classes of vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to vigorous 4x4, resulting in a deeper gameplay than at first might seem.

We would have liked to see more differences between classes, although maybe it's a matter of playing more hours. Still, it reassures knowing that each class has interesting features. For example, the Titan generates a shield that affects allies around, while the Charger has the ability to fall magnetically on the rivals after a jump, crushing them brutally. Then there is an important factor of progression, not only because of what we expect the campaign to be but also because of the fact that we gained experience with each race, as well as prizes (in the style of new vehicle designs, pilot skins and even animations of celebration).

  • Dynamics based on attacking rivals.
  • Eight vehicle classes, each with its own characteristics.
  • The important feeling of progression, with experience points.
  • Customization capacity in the form of designs, skins, etc. There is photo mode.

A different experience with each race

The key element of Onrush is that its game system is based on the fight for teams, with comrades and opponents managed by AI or humans. The experience is satisfactory whatever our choice, with a total of four modalities that in the end are those that are responsible for providing variety to the whole. Overdrive, consisting of crushing rivals to raise the team counter. Switch, pure survival in which only three lives are given. Lockdown, consisting of capturing mobile zones during the race. Countdown, a countdown in which we must overcome checkpoint doors before time runs out.

All this occurs in 12 "multi-route" circuits, as declared by those responsible, which means that it is possible to take shortcuts or take advantage of the particularities of the terrain (normally by jumping). Basically, they are made to unleash the madness behind the wheel, something that is accompanied by a very moving soundtrack that reacts to what happens on the screen. It is a very carefree title in this sense. The seriousness is a background. If you come here, it's clearly because you want to make the goat.

  • Four race modes: Overdrive, Switch, Lockdown, and Countdown.
  • 12 "multi-route" circuits, each with its characteristics.
  • The careless visual section that accompanies the action.
  • The soundtrack adapts its rhythm to that of the race.

What you should know

  • Developed by the old Evolution Studios, creators of MotorStorm and Driveclub.
  • Arcade of crazy driving based on charging and fighting teams 6vs6.
  • Includes campaign and multiplayer mode for all modes and circuits.
  • Variety: 4 race modes, 8 kinds of vehicles and 12 routes.
  • Progression and personalization: each race grants rewards of different types.
  • Casual artistically and very frenetic in the musical.
  • Released on June 5 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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