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Oculus Rift celebrates its anniversary with announcements and promotions

LA Noire: The VR Case Files arrives tomorrow to this device.

Oculus Rift turns two! To celebrate, its leaders anticipate the arrival of new promotions, updates, and games through a new publication on your blog. Crown jewel? It's probably the arrival of LA Noire: The VR Case Files to Rift - until now only available on HTC Vive - tomorrow, March 29.

Along with this, Oculus announces a graphics update for the Onward military simulator, although a date for it has not yet been provided. Yes, the launch of the Shard Dungeons update for OrbusVR has been detailed: on March 30 it will add levels, equipment, and enemies. On the other hand, the Ultrawings flight simulator adds HOTAS control in the latest update.

The Oculus store also offers new discounts on featured games such as Lone Echo, The Mage's Tale or Star Trek: Bridge Crew; as well as the possibility of adding digital credits with our purchases for a limited time.

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