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Now you can play the classic portable machines in your browser

Internet Archive has managed to digitally preserve a good number of these classic portable games similar to the "Game & Watch" of Nintendo.

The Internet Archive is an initiative that tries to digitally preserve as many classic cultural contents as possible to avoid their disappearance. They have also made an enormous effort to safeguard the history of video games, from titles for Amiga mile of specialized magazines published since the 70s. And now this organization has begun to recover portable games from the popular classic machines of the 80s.

Archivist Jason Scott details the painstaking process of emulating these toys, such as the famous Nintendo Game & Watch, explaining the technology responsible for the diverse VFD, LCD and LED games being fully scanned and emulated at a high level of fidelity. Scott explains that although most circuit boards containing these games can be read non-destructively, sometimes it may be necessary to separate all the components of their small boards to get all the information. Scott also details how the layers containing the graphics have to be scanned and the different visual elements vectorized.

All these games can be enjoyed, free of charge and from your browser, from The Internet Archive website.

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