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Noahmund, a Spanish J-RPG, enters the Square Enix Collective

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Estudio Abrego, creators of Noahmund, a J-RPG developed in Malaga (Spain), recently announced that their project has become one of the games selected by the Square Enix Collective program. A few months after its premiere on PC and PlayStation 4, the team asks supporters and patrons in its successful Kickstarter campaign to help the title become the most voted proposal of the contest between March 19 and April 15. on the Square Enix portal.

The game is played by Galina Angstroud, an agent who wants to fight against the most powerful weapon of the Salaber army, involved in an all-out war. Your guardian, Berani Valenti, will accompany you on a trip in which the Malaga studio will make us participate in an authentic role adventure in which their battles are mixed in an environment in which the tactical role and the action in real time are given your hand as you explore the world of Noahmund and decode puzzles for its intricate path.

Noahmund will arrive in Steam on a date to be determined this spring; will be released on PS4 next winter in physical and digital format, enjoying exclusive content on the Sony platform. You can vote for Noahmund on the website of the Square Enix Collective. If it manages to impose itself on the rest of the proposals, it will receive advice and help from the producer of such important works as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest.

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