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Nintendo: Switch's fan moves around nostalgia

Damon Baker spoke about the console audience

Since being part of the video game industry, Nintendo has been known for the loyalty of its fans and the recognition of its IP, which in particular cases are a symbol of the company and have formed a legion of users who are always aware of what happens. This, undoubtedly, leads to consider the nostalgia factor as a driver of the company today and is the issue addressed by Damon Baker, director of Nintendo.

In an interview by Kotaku, Damon Baker, manager of publications and relations with developers at Nintendo, spoke about the success of Switch and its significance for the Japanese company and at one point the subject of his audience and the fans who continue with the company after decades and generations of consoles. In that sense, Baker highlighted the nostalgia factor as one of the features that draw attention to the current hardware and software offer: "I think we can better understand what is attracting attention in the system. the fact that Switch's fan moves around nostalgia, they really get informed and look for the kind of games that were inspired by the games they grew up with,

Also, Baker was motivated by the scope of Switch in terms of software offer and mentioned that Nintendo is adequately covering the spaces corresponding to the type of games that have characterized the company and the third-party titles sought by users of Switch: "I think it's a territorial issue of being a Nintendo fan, a lot of our Switch fans grew up playing with the company's consoles, they grew up with the platforms and the characters that are recognized in the Nintendo stories. a sense of nostalgia and we also have a new audience that has been integrated, which is the core of active demographic player, I hate to use marketing terms,but the idea is that we have always been known to be friendly with the content for children and families and we have had both extremes, but now we can say that we fill that gap ".

Based on the previous idea, the director of Nintendo exemplified his point by highlighting the arrival of Switch titles such as DOOM and Skyrim, as well as their relationships with Rockstar and 2K. In addition, Baker highlighted the presence of classified games for adults as part of the offer of independent titles that have accompanied Switch since its launch.

What do you think about Damon Baker's statements? Nintendo has found the balance in the supply of games fisrt-party and third-party in the first year of Switch?

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