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Nintendo shows the first ARMS prototypes

We worked with more than 100 character designs to create the squad of fighters of this video game.

In the framework of the GDC 2018, one of the most important creatives of Nintendo has talked about the birth of the remarkable ARMS, the video game of fights of Nintendo Switch, which has shown its first prototypes. These, which present an aspect of the simplest, served the development team to determine the game mechanics that define this addictive fight title.

The main concern of Nintendo was related to the position of the camera, located on the back of the character, because with this perspective, "it is difficult to determine how far your opponent is, will my blow come? Will it fail?" It is difficult to say", says producer Kosuke Yabuki, also responsible for the successful Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The first prototypes of ARMS were created precisely to answer these questions; to prove that the game concept was viable and fun.

The problem of whether the blows will reach the opponent or not quickly passed to "if it will hit the opponent or not" using the entire scenario. After this initial phase, after verifying that the action of ARMS was fun, it was time to decide who would star in the video game. "As in Splatoon, we tried a lot of different characters that could fit into this game, we worked with over 100 different designs, but we did not have a clear idea for the characters."

Apparently, Nintendo came to use even some of its most iconic characters, like Yoshi fighting with his tongue, or Link using the legendary hook he has used in some of the great adventures of the Legend of Zelda saga. Since the development team could not manually test all the combinations of characters and their respective arms, it was decided to use an artificial intelligence that will allow to quickly collect the combat statistics to create a squad of wrestlers balanced.

In the analysis of ARMS, we praise the good work of Nintendo in giving life to a game of fights with an "exemplary base and devilish depth." The variety of fighters, the exquisite control, the multiplayer possibility and an enchanted audiovisual section give us a lot of optimism for think that the title can hit hard ". After months receiving free content, months ago producer Kosuke Yabuki confirmed that ARMS will no longer receive DLC.

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