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Nintendo responded to the problem of the third-party docks in Switch

Some users were left with unsuitable consoles in recent days

A few days ago we informed you about a problem that was presented after the system update 5.0.0 for Switch, specifically in the consoles of some users who opted for docks manufactured by third parties. After the problem had spread in the media, Nintendo sent a statement in which he responded to this situation.

An update on the Kotaku report related to the problems that some users with third-party docks are experiencing in recent days refers to a Nintendo statement about the situation. The Japanese company's statement says: "Nintendo recommends that Switch users only buy products that have an official license, and any product that does not have an official license from Nintendo does not go through the process of testing and evaluating the company. This may not work at all with our gaming systems, and it may have compatibility problems with certain games, the same Switch and other accessories and peripherals with an official license. "

In case you did not know, some Switch users were left with their consoles unusable after a compatibility problem arose between the console and third-party docks, particularly those manufactured and sold by the company Nyko.


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