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Nintendo added new costumes to Super Mario Odyssey

Mario will look like a retro astronaut and baseball player

If you have already finished Super Mario Odyssey 100% and the variety of Mario outfits already seems boring, we have good news, because the plumber can expand his wardrobe with a couple of new costumes.

Nintendo announced on Twitter that, from this very moment, a baseball uniform and the Satellaview costume are available. The first will make Mario look like a true sports enthusiast and also honors one of the many activities that the character performs in other games. For its part, Satellaview gives certain tools to the plumber in case he wants to relive old times and decides to return to space since it is an astronaut suit with a retro touch.

The baseball uniform is available for 3000 coins and the helmet costs 1500. For its part, the Satellaview suit you will find for 1000 gold coins and to get the helmet you will have to spend 500 coins.
Previously, these outfits were found by data miners in the Super Mario Odyssey code. That's not all, it seems that Nintendo will add more costumes in the future, some inspired by The Legend of Zelda's Link, a zombie, race racer and more. In a few words, Mario's wardrobe will continue to grow during the following months.

In related information, we tell you that at the end of February Super Mario Odyssey received the Ballon World minigame, where Luigi gives certain objectives to Mario. Along with this free update, Nintendo added new costumes and filters for the Snapshot mode. The thing does not end there, as the company noted that it is possible that Super Mario Odyssey receives more DLC in the future, although nothing is decided at the moment. 

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