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Square Enix is celebrating NieR: Automata Game Anniversary

The title has a 50% discount on PS4 and PC

As we commented previously, Square Enix is celebrating on the first anniversary of the release of NieR: Automata. For this reason, director Yoko Taro sent a message.

Yoko Taro thanked all the fans for the support received during the first year of NieR: Automata. He also reported that Square Enix plans to organize an event dedicated to fans in North America and Europe. The rest of the details will be revealed on Twitter and Facebook later.

To celebrate the first year, Square Enix announced that NieR: Automata has a 50% discount on the PlayStation Store and Steam. The game for PlayStation 4 is available at $ 29.99 USD and for PC at $ 499.50 MXN. The offer will be valid until March 20 on the Sony console and until March 14 on the Steam platform.

NieR: Automata debuted on PlayStation 4 on February 23, 2017, in Japan, March 7 in North America and March 10 in Europe. The PC version arrived on March 17 of the same year. 

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