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New theme for PS4 celebrates International Women's Day

The image presents several heroines of the brand

Today, Thursday March 8, International Women's Day is commemorated and Sony does not want to sit idle, so it launched a new theme for PlayStation 4 designed specifically to commemorate this day.

The theme was designed and illustrated by Maja-Lisa Kehlet, Media Molecule designer who is currently working on Dreams. As you can see, all those who install it will decorate the main menu of their PS4 with an illustration that shows some of the most important heroines of the brand: Aloy ( Horizon: Zero Dawn ), Ellie ( The Last of Us ), Chloe Frazer ( Uncharted ), Nadine Ross ( Uncharted ) and Kara ( Detroit: Become Human ).

Here is an image of the International Women's Day 2018 Theme:

Would you like to download it? Then pay attention: the theme of International Women's Day is already available on the PlayStation Store in Australia and some European countries . Although it is not confirmed, it is expected to be available in the digital store of our country at some time of the day. If that does not happen, we remind you that the PS4 is a free region console, so you can create an account from another region and download it.

Now, keep in mind that this is not the only theme for PlayStation 4 that you can download for free. Just to give an example, a few days ago Sony gave a special theme for PS4 that celebrates that Horizon: Zero Dawn sold more than 7.6 million copies during its first year in the market .

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