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New Attack on Titan 2 video focuses on Levi Ackerman

They share new gameplay of the title of Omega Force and Koei Tecmo

Soon, all Attack on Titan fans can feel part of the anime in Attack on Titan 2, a game that is the responsibility of Omega Force and Koei Tecmo. For many, one of the most exciting elements of this game will be the possibility of being close to Levi Ackerman, one of the most powerful soldiers of the Survey Corps. That is why they will be happy to see that the new video of this sequel focuses on him.

In the footage, we see a scene from Attack on Titan 2 that takes place shortly after Captain Levi makes clear his obsession with cleanliness. In it appears talking with Eren, but later will eat with the avatar of the player. Unfortunately, the video is in Japanese, so we do not know what his talk is about, but everything seems to indicate that the powerful warrior will react in different ways to the dialogue options that will appear to the player.

If you prefer something with a little more action, you'll be happy to know that Koei Tecmo released another video in which Hisahi Koinuma, executive producer of Attack on Titan 2, plays it with the voice actresses who play Mikasa and Arnin. As you can see, in the video they fight against different types of titans, among which is the huge female titan.

Without more we leave you with the videos that Koei Tecmo shared:

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If you want to see more about Attack on Titan 2, you will be happy to know that Koei Tecmo shared a video in which he shows us his first mission. Did not you think that was enough? Then check out this breakthrough where Koei Tecmo presents part of his main story.

In other news, Koei Tecmo confirmed that Attack on Titan 2 will have improvements in PS4 Pro and Xbox One X so the owners of this console can expect a higher resolution. In addition, we believe that you will be interested to know that you will have cooperative and competitive options.

The attack on Titan 2 will arrive on March 20 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


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