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MotoGP 18 launch date and advance its news

The official motorcycle world video game will arrive on June 7.

Milestone will once again be responsible for adapting the motorcycle world to the entertainment of PC players (Steam), PS4, Xbox One and, this time, Nintendo Switch. MotoGP 18 has been presented, still without images, by the Italian firm and Dorna Sports (organizer) and has dated its launch for June 7 except in the Japanese hybrid system that will take a little longer to arrive.

What can we expect? In the press release sent, Matteo Pezzotti, director of design at the company, is committed to offering the public a totally renewed delivery, "with the aim of offering all fans the most attractive and realistic MotoGP experience in history". Pezzotti reinforces the promise by confirming Unreal Engine as the new graphics engine of the high-speed franchise, "ensuring a step forward in terms of technological evolution and visual impact," he adds.

"The video game faithfully reproduces all the distinctive features of the motorcycle's behavior, further suppressing the gap between fiction and reality," he commented. The news will be detailed soon, but changes are already being made such as more advanced collision systems and rubber management, an updated artificial intelligence and inclusion of driving aids and tutorials to make MotoGP 18 a more "accessible and pleasant" title to uninitiated.

MotoGP 18 will feature new modes and features for your enjoyment, including a wide range of enhancements for the MotoGP eSport Championship to be presented as well on a next occasion. The video game will include all the categories and riders of the World Championship (MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup), as well as the 19 official circuits, including the new layout of Thailand.

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