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More than 15,000 people pre-registered to try Raid Party

TriForce Tokens is in talks with independent developers

Yesterday we told you that TriForce Tokens, the company responsible for a cryptocurrency for gamers, announced an application called Raid Party, which seeks to connect the community of gamers. Its pre-registration process started just over 48 hours ago and, apparently, has been well received by the community.

Through a publication on Medium, TriForce Tokens announced that more than 15,000 people pre-registered to be notified when Raid Party makes its debut. We remind you that you are still on time to complete the pre-registration and be rewarded with FORCE Tokens.

In addition, TriForce Tokens announced that it is already in talks with some independent developers and assured that some are willing to implement Raid Party and FORCE Tokens in their titles. The company did not give more details, so we do not know which will be the first games that will be part of the TriForce Tokens project.

As we told you before, Raid Battle is an application of TriForce Tokens that seeks to connect players to "play and share the games they love while winning FORCE". This will be done through an honor system with which players will have the option to give FORCE Tokens to other people as a symbol of gratitude.

And you, are you one of those who pre-registered to try Raid Party? Tell us in the comments.

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