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More than 100 free games, the best time to buy an Xbox One

To Caesar what is Caesar's

It's official: after a lot of taking it for the sack, save, ask in a sad and beggar friends and acquaintances, finally, I've caught an Xbox One-for now rented with an option to purchase, and the truth, take it as you want, what I'm freaking out. I'm freaking out with the free games, with the console, with its performance and its sound, and no, do not take revenge on the games 'free but paid' because no, this time I talk about real free games. 

But let's go in parts: I have a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch at home. I love the performance of the Nintendo hybrid and how it responds when you turn on the consoles, and I love the Sony machine and its catalog, with things like Yakuza, Persona, NiOh and, of course, the blockbusters of Uncharted and company. However, I must say that One surprised me with some things that, frankly, I did not expect and that I would like to share with you because, as I say in the title, it is not a bad time to complete the collection. 

Free games

The first thing that hooked me when I finally connected the console to the network - a black fat of 500 Gbs. the most basic and old market- was to see that both the Xbox Game Pass subscription and the Xbox Live Gold subscription came for free despite being a second-hand console. The first, Xbox Game Pass, appeared just after entering the store area: 14 days of free trial without commitments that have given me access to more than one hundred games that I will talk to you about in a little while. The second, the Xbox Live Gold, was made to beg, but within 24 hours of having the console and had it in offers: A free month of Xbox Live Gold to play Bayonetta and Slime Rancher from now, and Red Faction Guerrilla and Trials Fusion when they leave on the 16th of this month, and all this, this time, totally free. 

The result is that, in less than a week and for the 15 bucks that it cost me to rent the console -with an option to buy 140 turkeys at the end of the month if I decide to catch it, which is surely so-, I have met The Long Dark for the company to analyze, Bayonetta, Slime Rancher and more than 100 games of Xbox Game Pass of which the first ones that I have downloaded have been Gears of War Ultimate, 2, 3 and Judgment, Sunset Overdrive, Joy Ride, Dead Rising 3, Max, The Flame on the Flood, Fable III, Layers of Fear, Megaman Collection and Shantae . And I have 100 to look if you are curious you can see them at this link. 

And this is just the tip of an iceberg to which the typical free to play games, demos for a tube, games tests and a long etcetera for a platform that, if you move through second-hand stores, publications and other, you can get for just over one hundred euros resulting in a console that what you may be missing in exclusive titles in the medium term covered with subscriptions that give access to many catalogs and titles that go down in price much sooner than in the competition. 

It is also a good machine

As a console, and making it clear that this is not going to say which is better or worse, has some things that have surprised me pleasantly. The first thing is that, despite being one of the first models, it is compatible with 5G wi-fi, which means that games and applications are downloaded at an average of 70 Mb / s  compared to 8Mb / s that I caught on PC and PS4 with the fiber connection that I have contracted.

Another positive point is its noise: it is not noisy despite its age and playing in the middle of August to 43º in La Mancha. Yes, it is a heat that you flip, but it does not affect the gaming experience: I have it on the energy saving plan to be able to access the game only by taking control and giving the button A, and the console until now It has given me no problem, going from being off to playing the game in a matter of seconds. 

Finally, there are the controls. On the one hand, have the drawback of having to use rechargeable batteries because I do not consider the purchase of a remote with the rechargeable battery in the console. On the other, ergonomically they are still more comfortable than those of the competition - especially Nintendo Switch - and have the ability to configure buttons and energy efficiency. 

In short, beyond the loyalties and bullshit of Barça-Madrid, Xbox One is a good machine and, the best, now is a great time to start it because with the Xbox Game Pass you have access to titles of both this generation and Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive or Gears of War Ultimate, as in the past with all 360 GoW and more. If you have a PS4 and/or a Switch, as is my case, you will complete the collection with a console in which the third parties lower before the price and you can access their indies and triple-A thanks to their subscriptions, with the value-added backward compatibility If, on the other hand, you have not yet made the leap to the new generation, you undoubtedly have to assess several factors: all three are large platforms, each with its strengths and weaknesses.

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