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Mode Guide to Save the World from Fortnite for beginners

Review the mechanics and key tips to succeed in the Fortnight PvE mode.

New to Fortnite? It may be that PvE, Save the World, is not as popular as its competitive counterpart Battle Royale - partly because the latter can be played for free, of course - but it is true that few games in advance access enjoy as much popularity as the shooter Epic Games. In this guide, we help you understand the basic and fundamental tips of Fortnite: Save the World, and we also share some of the most popular tips and techniques for your dedicated community.

As we said above, in this article we cover the basic contents that any Fortnite player should know: Save the World. If you're looking for information in another way, check out the Fortnite Battle Royale beginner's guide.

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Class system

Unlike Battle Royale, in Saving the World we have a system of classes that have unique movements and abilities. The question of the million: "Which is the best class of Fortnite?" Answer that surely you were waiting for: "All are valid and it depends on your style of game".

The most important thing is not what class you choose, but how well you perform what you do. This is something very obvious, but a Constructor can and should dedicate more to the building than killing. That does not mean you can not kill an enemy from time to time, but it should not be your priority.

  • The Soldier is a balanced hero who serves to kill, period. If you come to Fortnite because you like to shoot monsters, it's for you.
  • A Constructor acts as a tank, being able to take a lot of damage and creating buildings and structures quickly and cheaply. However, you can not do much harm: that is up to others.
  • The Ninja has the agility and a very cool sword to fight body to body. And it is better to do it well because it is rather short of defenses.
  • An Explorer does not stand out in combat, but he is best suited to find treasures and help the team prepare for what comes next.

Question. Are those all the characters available in the game?

Answer. No: the ones we have indicated below are all the classes. Each class hosts a series of different heroes with their own skill tree. Note that Fortnite is a game in constant evolution, so the list of heroes changes as well.

Q. How do I get new heroes? 

A. Your main source of unlockables is also your source of key heroes: Flame piñatas or loot boxes contain heroes in varying degrees of rarity. Luckily, if you do not want to go through the box you have many challenges available that will help you earn more money and pay for the unlockables directly.

Q. Where can I find out about the heroes available? 

A. The best place to consult the heroes that you have at your disposal is the game itself. However, the official website of Epic Games houses the patch notes that you should check if you want to be aware of any changes or additions that are announced.

Inventory management

It may seem like a bullshit at first, but we assure you that there is a certain skill that you must develop to discern the things that serve you from the ones that do not, the ones that you should immediately use, the ones that you should keep for later, and the things that you do not have now. same and that you should search immediately.

Much of this has to do with the materials, but also with the ammunition and weapons that you find. We are going to give you some important tips, but in the end, your own experience will be the one that helps you make the final decisions.

  • Find new useful objects in treasure chests, which are usually found in caves or buildings. If you listen to a suspicious melody, there will be one nearby. Be aware!
  • You have few spaces in the inventory, which will force you to leave certain things on the floor if you want to take something new. You will not always be interested in having the rarest and most powerful weapon: sometimes, the variety of equipment is better than the individual quality of a weapon, for example. The same applies to everything.
  • There are not enough resources. Do you find a trap on the ground and go tight with booty? Take it to your base, install it and refill your inventory as it was initially. If you left her there, maybe she would have needed you later.
  • Do not accumulate weapons that you do not need if you have a plane: you can create them again later when you need them. Save space.
  • Expand your inventory: save the objects that you want to keep in the chest of your base, and improve the research tree in the same place to get more space in your backpack.

Find loot, supplies, and materials

The structures are a fundamental part of Fortnite's gameplay: you'll have to create strengths and coverages to defend yourself or even use them to start an offensive. The most basic materials - wood, stone, and metal - are extracted from different sources by beating them with their beaks. For example, you can take wood from trees, stone from rock formations and metal from cars. It may not be very realistic, but it is necessary to go well an assortment of these materials: do not waste anything with which you cross, maybe you miss it later.

Here are some useful tips for collecting materials.

  • If you enter a cave, look for things of value not only on the floor but also on the ceiling and walls.
  • Sometimes, you will need to create a ladder to be able to reach a more rare material that would be unreachable on foot.
  • You can break several things at once if you place yourself between them by shaking the beak. This will save you time.

Recruit survivors to your side

The catastrophe that starts Fortnite leaves only 2% of the Earth's population alive, but you can find valuable allies in those survivors. Of course, you must first free them to join you.

They work in a similar way to chests: if you hear cries for help, there is someone nearby. Come to your rescue! However, keep in mind that its location is not always obvious. Sometimes you will have to break through walls if they have been buried, and others will be hidden near places with food. If you want, you can use radars to give more easily to your location.

Additional tips

Here are some tips and frequently asked questions of a generic nature. It's a constantly updated section so you might find something different the next time you visit this guide.

  • Finding a weapon is fine, but it's best to get a shot to create it whenever you need it. Find new plans in chests during missions, or in the flame piñatas in the main menu. Keep in mind, though, that the weapons created in this way are stronger but require more manufacturing materials.
  • In addition to ammunition, weapons have a durability index. The most powerful, like rocket launchers, break easily. Keep an eye on the indicator next to the weapon, and when you see that it is emptying, start looking for a new weapon to never stay unarmed.

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