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Miss Fortune League of Legends is renewed with its final appearance

Extras of the Galactic Gatilla will have different abilities

With the final aspects, Riot Games takes the opportunity to refresh the League of Legends champions by presenting them with a different perspective. Now, the company decided that the next champion who deserved a new look was Miss Fortune, who will be completely renewed with her final appearance.

The name of this new version of Miss Fortune is Galactic Gatilla and in her, the bounty hunter moves away from the sea life to become a woman who seeks revenge in a galaxy of thieves. Its origins go back to her childhood, when she received a hard shot and was abandoned, which forced her to use a plan that her father left to build an extra. This technology not only allowed him to stay alive but also made him an extremely powerful being.

An interesting detail of Miss Fortune Galactic Gauntlet is that it will have 4 different extras, each one with a different aspect and special visual effects. Each time you are in your base like this character, an element will appear in the interface that will allow you to change extras. Check out the suit options below:
  • Scarlet Justice: It fires a rotating discharge of bullets, antimatter tank grenades, missiles and antiaircraft anti-aircraft discharges.
  • Zero Hour: Shoot spheres of supercondensed dark matter.
  • Star Swarm: Exotraje that shoots creatures born of explosions.
  • Real weapons: suit with immense destructive power thanks to its antimatter warheads of rapid fire.

Do you want to see what the pirate looks like transformed into a galactic bounty hunter? Then check the gallery that we present below:


Would you like to have this final aspect? Then pay attention: Riot Games announced that it will be available as of today in the testing environment and will arrive on March 22 at the live servers. Note that it will be offered in 2 packages: the first one is the Galactic Commander Base (2775 RP), which will include the final appearance and icons of Scarlet Justice, Zero Hour, Royal Weapons and Star Swarm. The second option is the Premium Package (3500 RP), which will include the above, a portrait icon, a loading screen edge and the look of the Galactic Gatineau sentinel. Please note that 14 days after its launch, the Premium Package will no longer include the loading screen and the portrait icon and its price will drop to 3250 RP.

League of Legends is available for PC and Mac.

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