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Microsoft reveals details about its participation in GDC 2018

The company will focus on the promotion of its services in the cloud

Game Developers Conference 2018 will begin on March 19 and some companies have made an advance on their presence at the event. One of them is Microsoft, whose participation will be focused on the promotion of its services in the cloud and the facilities it will provide developers to create new titles.

Today Microsoft detailed its participation in GDC 2018, an event specialized in developers and not so much in consumers that allows knowing some details of current trends and future plans for the creatives of the industry. The company's participation will be focused on its services in the cloud, a fundamental pillar of the unification plan for the gaming experience that Microsoft has launched. In that sense, Microsoft will present a stand dedicated to Azure, its service in the cloud, where it will show the tools and benefits it offers for the creation of gaming experience that use that technology: games as a service.

At the same time, the company will present mixed reality titles such as Pinball Lizard and multiplayer games such as The Darwin Project, the Battle Royale that has an audience and participation environment through its transmission platform, Mixer.

In addition, Microsoft will present in GDC the first results of the relationship between Azure and the PlayFab gaming platform, which began in January this year and offers important tools of development in the cloud for creatives, so that they only have to worry about the gaming experience and not so much for technical aspects.

GDC 2018 will be held March 19-23 at the Moscone, Center, San Francisco, California.

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