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Microsoft breaks Guinness record promoting Sea of ​​Thieves

The company launched David "The Bullet" Smith from a cannon

We are just a few days away from the debut of Sea of Thieves and for those of us who have followed up on its development process, it has been interesting to see the increase in hype as its launch approaches, after all, it was a project that, initially, generated skepticism and It looks like it will put Rare on the map again. As you know, the promotional campaign of the game has been very curious and today set a Guinness record.

Today, Microsoft launched one of the most extreme methods of promoting a game and, celebrating the upcoming release of Sea of Thieves, placed a huge cannon at the Raymond James Stadium of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL to launch David " The Bullet "Smith. As you will have seen in some of the advances of the pirate game, it is possible to throw the characters from a cannon to make them reach complicated spaces or as part of a surprise attack and that is why Microsoft decided to implement that action in life really. The feat was broadcast today in the morning in Mixer and many players could witness the moment when Smith was launched from the huge canyon.
Minutes after the launch was successful, the official Guinness World Records Twitter account congratulated the Xbox team, the Sea of Thieves team and David Smith and informed them that they had established a new brand with respect to the greater distance that It has reached a human being when launched from a cannon, an achievement that will be established in its record book.
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