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Metro Exodus on PC will make use of NVIDIA RTX technology

It allows real-time rendering of light sources with the quality of a kinematics.

The Expected Metro: Exodus will be one of the first PC games that take advantage of the new NVIDIA RTX technology that will allow developers to render real-time light sources with the quality of a kinematics.

This technology, which in Spanish would be translated as "[b] ray traces" and is based on the spectacular new DirectX 12 API, is currently only compatible with the Volta architecture present in the high-end Nvidia graphics cards. DirectX Raytracing seeks to get lights, reflections and shadows in real time with an overwhelming image quality, in line with what has been seen in the world of cinema for years, or in the real estate industry, with the representation of photorealistic spaces.

Since using hundreds of beams per pixel at a high rate of images per second would require extremely powerful equipment, given the technical requirement of this process, the new technology is committed to a lower number of beams per pixel but, in turn, employs a series of techniques to optimize image quality. In particular, it uses the Tensor Core, nuclei that accelerate the ray tracing through a "noise elimination" function that fills in the blanks using its own calculations.

The 4A Games team promises to soon show a Metro Exodus demonstration using this new Nvidia RTX technology.

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