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Look at this amazing statue of Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

The figure of First4Figures will be offered in 3 editions

First4Figures, the company responsible for expensive collection figures that many want to have, is preparing something new. It is a line of statues from Castlevania , which will begin its production with an incredible figure of Castlevania's Alucard : Symphony of the Night .

Like other products of First4Figures, the statue of Alucard will be sold in different editions. The first is the regular version ($ 499.99 USD), which features the protagonist of Symphony of the Night equipped with a sword and a base that captures the gothic essence of Castlevania . The second option of purchase is the exclusive version ($ 499.99 USD) and its main difference with the regular version is that in it Alucard is accompanied by a shield. Finally, we have the Twilight version ($ 499.99 USD) in which the character also appears with a shield, but the inner part of his coat is red instead of white. All of these figures will be available sometime in the first quarter of 2019.

We know that you entered the note to see how this expensive and exclusive figure looks. So, we do not tell you more and we present it to you in a few images.

If you are a collector of red bone and can not decide which of these statues you prefer, you will be happy to know that First4Figures will offer 2 of them in one package. So, the greatest Castlevania fans can buy the Combo Edition , which, in exchange for $ 924.99 USD, makes you the owner of the Twilight and Deluxe editions of the Alucard figure.

Now that you saw the statues and you know how much they cost, tell us, will you buy any? Which of the 3 versions was your favorite?

In other news, last year the Castelvania animated series debuted for Netflix and it is already confirmed that this year there will be a second season . On the other hand, some time ago we were struck by a mod for DOOM that allows you to enjoy the first Castlevania in the first person . To conclude, we believe you should know that rumors are circulating that Konami will relaunch its trilogy of titles for WiiWare .


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  1. Hey the wording on this suggest that the Exclusive comes with a shield only but it comes with an extra sword as well (so two swords in all +shield)

    Same with the Twilight edition