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Little Witch Academy Chamber of Time arrives May 15

It will be released on PC and PS4, with certain reservation incentives.

Bandai Namco has formalized the release date of Little Witch Academy: Chamber of Time. The charismatic beat 'em up will land on PC through Steam and PS4 via PlayStation Store on May 15, for the territories of Europe and America.

Fans who book the game through PSN will also receive an exclusive theme to customize their console and the Magic Knight Grand Charion minigame. The news has been accompanied by a new launch trailer for the game.

Little Witch Academy: Chamber of Time proposes a story of powerful spells and terrible monsters starring a witch apprentice from the School of Magic Luna Nova: Atsuko Akko Kagari. Based on the Japanese animation series of Studio Trigger, its makers guarantee an original plot where fantasy, adventure, and mystery make an appearance.

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