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Link's skin will accompany the debut of Phantasy Star Online 2: Cloud

The MMORPG will arrive in Japan on April 4

Yesterday, during the Nintendo Direct broadcast , there were surprises for fans of the Japanese company around the world and there were also local revelations for the Japanese market, as one of the most anticipated titles will have a special guest on the day of its release.

The Nintendo Direct aired in Japan had a special announcement for the public of that country that awaits the arrival of Phantasy Star Online 2: Cloud , version for the hybrid console of the classic SEGA Dreamcast title. According to Nintendo's information, the game will have a special Link skin on the day of its release, that is April 4 next; the design will transform the user's character into the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . The skin will bring with it the Hylian shield and the Master Sword, which will allow you to face the enemies with a combat style inspired by Link's recent adventure.

Phantasy Star Online 2: Cloud is one of the most anticipated games by the Japanese public and will debut in Japan on April 4. This version will work with cloud technology and will integrate shared progress between Switch and PC, which means that the progress that is achieved in one platform will be respected when accessing the other, all governed by the SEGA ID.

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