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Level-5 prepares a game of modern context and scale type MMORPG

The study develops a project to celebrate its 20th anniversary

Since the end of 2017, we know that Level-5, a studio known for its work in titles such as Ni no Kuni II: the Revenant Kingdom and Professor Layton, is working on a game with which it plans to celebrate its 20th anniversary. While most of its details remain mysterious, we already know that it is a modern context game and that it will have an MMORPG tip scale.

In a recent interview with 4Gamer, Akihiro Hino, founder, and CEO of Level-5 confessed that he is attracted to the MMORPG, but that, after the cancellation of True Fantasy Live Online, he is not ready to start another project of the same genre. So, instead, try to make a game that has a similar scale without being exactly an MMORPG.

"We have an idea. Although I'm not sure I can call it an MMORPG, we plan to make a big title of the same scale. As the company approaches its 20th anniversary, I realized that we could do something we would like, "he said.

Later, Hino revealed that it is not a fantasy title like other RPGs in his catalog, so fans should expect something "modern". Finally, he pointed out that, although in 2018 its 20th anniversary will be celebrated, it is unlikely that the game will arrive this year.

"It's not fantasy, it's something modern. It is the commemorative title that we are preparing for the 20th anniversary (...) Although it is a commemorative title, it does not mean that we will launch it this year, but I believe that its revelation will arrive in time for the 20th anniversary. If you check the past, you will see that Ni no Kuni was a commemorative game of the 10th anniversary, but debuted 2 years later, "Hino said.

Level-5 was founded in October 1998, so it seems like a matter of months before we can take a first look at what it is preparing. We will keep an eye on you and inform you when we have more details about him.


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