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Learn about the visual improvements God of War will have in PS4 Pro

The new Kratos adventure will have support for HDR

God of War is one of the most anticipated exclusives of the year, so surely there are several people who are interested in buying a PlayStation 4 to play it. If you are one of them and you do not know if you prefer the regular model of the PS4 or the PS4 Pro, we inform you that we already know the improvements that will be in the most powerful console of Sony.

On the PlayStation Blog, Sony confirmed that God of War will take advantage of the power of PlayStation 4 Pro. Thanks to this, the new Kratos adventure will have a dynamic 4K resolution that will be possible through a 2160p checkerboard process. That's not all since those with a 1080p screen will get a better image thanks to the supersampling technique that is implemented in the game.

Later on, it was revealed that God of War will have HDR support on all PlayStation 4 models. So, all those with a high-dynamic range compatible screen can enjoy the new Santa Monica Studios title with a range of colors wider and better lighting.

We remind you that God of War will come to stores with a new bundle of PlayStation 4 Pro. This package will include a special edition console and a physical copy of the game in exchange for $ 399.99 USD. The bad news is that, so far, no plans have been confirmed to bring it to our region.

We take advantage of the fact that we talked about God of War to tell you that its director denied the rumors that it will have microtransactions. On the other hand, we think you'll be interested to know that Sony promoted this release in an epic way in an NBA game.

God of War will arrive on April 20 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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