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Last Day of June will arrive at Switch this week

The Ovosonico game was listed in the eShop of Europe

Nintendo continues to add titles from the independent scene for Switch and this week will see the dramatic adventure developed by Ovosonico, Last Day of June, which last year debuted on PC and PS4.

Today, in the eShop of Europe, Last Day of June appeared, the new independent title that will be integrated into the Switch offer starting on March 16 with a price of $ 20 USD. The game was developed by Ovosonico, a studio founded by Massimo Guarini, a creative whose career includes the direction of Shadows of the Damned, and is described as an interactive story where the player will take control of the decisions of a couple, Carl, and June, whose Ideal day plans will be truncated by a series of dramatic events.

Last Day of June is considered by Ovosonico as a poetic work in a movement whose visual and audio work is ideally integrated into the dramatic events that are presented. In that sense, highlights the musical work of British musician and producer Steven Wilson and animator Jess Cope.

Although Last Day of June appeared in the eShop of Europe, the absence of a regional padlock in Switch facilitates access to the game, although it is expected that a few days after its debut officially appear in the eShop of America.

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