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Kratos could be left out of God of War

Sony was unsure about continuing with the story of the character

It is clear that Kratos is one of the most important characters in the industry, especially for PlayStation fans. However, Sony Interactive Entertainment questioned the permanence of the antihero in the God of War series, at least at the beginning of the development of the game.

During an interview with IGN, creative director Cory Barlog pointed out that although some people inside Sony and some fans thought it was time to leave Kratos in the past, he never considered this option, on the contrary, he took a challenge to bring Kratos to a new level.

"Many people throughout the development process, [the people] and in the study, said: 'why continue with Kratos?'" Said Barlog. The director said that Sony never seriously considered abandoning the character, although there was a point at which Barlog was pressured to eliminate Atreus, Kratos' son, he refused completely.

"There was a time when I was almost forced to get rid of Atreus because everyone panicked over how complicated it was going to be," Barlog said. "But Kratos, no, from the beginning, I was quite firm in saying that I wanted the challenge of taking a character that some people hated, they were like 'look, I do not like this character, it's sometimes objectionable.' We did the anti-hero intentionally. "

Barlog said that God of War will show a new facet of Kratos, but that does not mean he will become the good of the story. The goal of taking the character to other levels is to get the audience to identify with him and to make some feel bad about Kratos' decisions.

Previously, we learned that, after the events of the past titles, Kratos decided to isolate himself from the world to explore his interior, although it seems that it was not the best of his decisions. "The reality is that being alone with their demons does nothing but feed them, it will take time for them to realize, and I think that they have to touch bottom to understand it," Barlog explained.

All these changes were a challenge, according to Barlog, since showing the evolution of Kratos was the most difficult when developing God of War. Previously, the character was ruthless and cruel, but the presence of Atreus represents a great change, so the studio worked to convey a sense of growth and change.

God of War will debut on April 20 exclusively on PlayStation 4.


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