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Kongregate will launch new portal to compete against Steam

Kartridge will focus on indie titles and social interaction

Maybe it does not sound like the name Kongregate, but it is a popular website that offers several titles for browser and mobile. Recently, the creators of this site made it clear that it seems time to take the next step to create a portal that will compete against Steam.

His name is Kartridge and his debut is expected to be sometime in the summer. This store will stand out among the competition for focusing on independent titles and for encouraging interaction among its users. To achieve this, Kongregate will offer attractive bonuses so that small studios are interested in taking their games to this platform.

"Our initial plan is that all of the first $ 10,000 USD in net proceeds [of all games released before October 31] is for the developer and after that, we will ask for [a commission of 30%]," said Emily Greer. , CEO of Kongregate, in a conversation with Polygon. "We think that for the small developers, the first $ 10,000 USD in profits is very important.

An important point is that Kartridge will offer games with different monetization models. That is, there will be paid games, free-to-play titles, and products for which you can pay the amount you want. In addition, it is expected to have an achievement program that grants discounts to users.

Finally, Kongregate said that after its launch, Kartridge will receive an update that will add a similar streaming service to Twitch. With this, the community will have more ways to share their gaming experiences.

What did you think of Kartridge, Kongregate's new bet? Do you think it's an interesting concept that can compete against Steam? Tell us in the comments.

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