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Kingdom Come Deliverance: The Final Verdict

Has Kingdom come: Deliverance met expectations? We dedicate this special Final Verdict to one of the most important releases of 2018; a video game virtually unique in its kind that has accompanied the controversy since its release. What are popular tribunal speaks!

There is a phrase that defines perfectly what is Kingdom Come Deliverance, the ambitious RPG developed by Warhorse Studios. "It's an indie game at heart, in terms of difficulty, but with the bill and production values of a triple-A". It does not pretend or cannot compete with Assassin's Creed, although this is not the reason why this role adventure has stopped trying to do great things. The most important? Create a video game where realism, and historical fidelity, are the basis of an epic adventure marked by the decisions of the player who, of course, is also given total freedom to act as he pleases within a vast open world that recreates the Kingdom of Bohemia in the fifteenth century. The result is spectacular, at least in terms of the realism with which day by day develops in this virtual world, but it is precisely the harshness of this game system that makes this a title not suitable for everyone.

The development of the action is slow, the combat system, ruled by realism, can be quite hard, and certainly the argument is not as exciting as you would expect, but Kingdom Come: Deliverance has something special that makes it a video game only; in one of those works that know how to reward the player's effort. The Warhorse Studios proposal seems to have fallen in love with thousands of players around the world, because the game has enjoyed a successful launch in stores, although it has also received harsh criticism from other fans, either for its game system or the abundant bugs with which it has been released. Have you already enjoyed this medieval RPG? You have to give your opinion in the kingdom Come final verdict: Deliverance.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Genre: Role
Creators: Warhorse Studios
Release date: 02-13-2017
Platforms: PS4, XOne, PC

The story of Henry , the son of a blacksmith who suddenly finds himself immersed in a bloody civil war in the Kingdom of Bohemia, is the story of every player who, with no idea of what awaits him in this ambitious RPG, launches the adventure excited, expectant, before the idea of making history with their acts. And the feeling is incredible, because such is the realism that defines Kingdom Come: Deliverance, that you can suffer the effects of hitting a big binge of food, or discover how, since the hero does not know how to read, it costs you horrors to understand the writings what you find in the books. And it's these little details that make you feel inside a living world, in constant movement, that responds in an incredibly realistic way to our actions. The feeling of immersion is total, either in the moments of exploration, during conversations, or when you get involved in the challenging matches with swords that recreate the game so well.

  • Goodbye fantasy! A realistic RPG with great historical fidelity
  • The visceral combat system, but credible, challenging, but spectacular
  • The faithful recreation of the Kingdom of Bohemia, in the fifteenth century
  • Spectacular audiovisual section
  • Total freedom of action; you can solve the missions as you please
  • A game world that reacts credibly to your actions
  • Deep skill progression system


Viktor Bocan, head of design for Kingdom Come: Deliverance
"We want you to feel the taste of blood in your mouth, that in every fight you feel the fear of making mistakes because they can be fatal".

Tobias Stolz-Zwilling, Kingdom Come Public Relations: Deliverance
"There are many games with bugs and glitches in the open world genre, the answer to how we are going to fight it is easy, the whole study is our testing team. that all of us are playing the title and offering feedback, we even have the janitor playing. "


3D GAMES: 8.0

Rating : "Kingdom Come: Deliverance is not a video game for everyone, and it is not for many reasons, its slow rhythm only restricts it to the fans with patience, and the aridness of its proposal also demands some patience and lacks a Remarkably polished, how can an 8.0 with a remarkable roughness have an effect? Because, if we can get away from it all, we find a more than remarkable RPG, one that mixes very well the classic with the modern, that has a very good story, that enjoys an attractive combat and that catches us with a mechanic of deep and interesting progression.With all those wicks now the ball is on your roof, does it make up for it? ".

* Average score of more than thirty critics to date.

Vichilino: "Kingdom Come: Deliverance has already won the Indie Award of the Year in my heart, it offers hours and hours of play, immersion that makes us feel that we live in the same medieval era, it teaches us about history, and most importantly: it demonstrates that a small team, independent, and wanting to do things with love can deliver a work of great quality has its flaws, but these little black dots do not compare at all with all the experiences that we will live in this amazing piece of land called Bohemia [...] Kingdom Come: Deliverance is special. "

Mindtaker: "To sum it up in one word: excellent, I can not remember the last time I played a classic RPG like this and I was so caught up in more and more, this game is that, it's fun, immersive and hilarious. feel real, your actions have weight, the experience is yours, it has been designed by you, the player, and responds to all your individual decisions. "

Pkuako: "Kingdom Come is not a game of masses, it's a game for an audience that I think is very small, it's a different game, but it will not leave anyone indifferent, it's not made for everyone to like, it's a game of extremes, either you love it or you hate it, or it enters your eyes in the first 5 minutes or it will never come in. I was delighted from the beginning, since I was still, and watched the camera move up and down to the rhythm of Henry's breathing, when I started to see that this game is very different from the rest and that he had something quite heavy on his hands, that although he still needs fixes and everything else, he is in all one of the best titles that I have come to prove ".

* Average score of more than 70 reviews to date.

PC Gamer (84): "Kingdom Come is a sea of errors that leaves with the feeling that the independent studio Warhorse covers more than it can, but there is a certain charm in its rudimentary aspect, and presents enough interesting things for you to be able to To tolerate its rough wrapper is one of the most satisfying and comforting RPG experiences I have ever enjoyed on PC to date, although its inconsistent performance and tendency to break down has put my patience to the test every now and then. "

IGN (58): "Kingdom Come feels a little like doing homework, if you are attracted by its historical setting and its commitment to realism, then its deep gameplay and methodical rhythm is well worth it. If you prefer to be a magician or a manual hero, on the other hand, this adventure will bore you immediately. "

Gamespot (80): "Even with their problems in mind, anyone who can appreciate the dirty and rough nature of history should play Kingdom Come: Deliverance, it's an impressive and unwavering look at the past, the Middle Ages, that transports you to his interior through a compelling story about a real person caught in the middle of a civil war. "

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