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Kamiya threatened, in a joking tone, to Nintendo

The creative wants the virtual console to reach Switch soon

Since yesterday it was confirmed that a Nintendo Direct was on the way, many fans around the world began to speculate and make public their wishes about what they want to see in the Nintendo hardware. One of them was Hideki Kamiya, renowned designer and one of the founders of PlatinumGames, responsible studio of Bayonetta, who expressed his desire in a rather peculiar way.

Through a posting on his official Twitter account, Hideki Kamiya threatened, in a joking tone, Nintendo hours before today's Nintendo Direct was held. The creator informed Nintendo that if he did not announce the virtual console for Switch and a new Joy-Con model that included a cross-shaped pad, the PlatinumGames team would lose the motivation for the development of Bayonetta 3, the exclusive title of the hybrid console.
Obviously, the statement is a joke with the acid humor that characterizes Kamiya, however, is a desire that many shares, especially since we are a few days of the Wii virtual console begins its closing stage and players want a new version of this service for Switch.


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