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Josef Fares made all the Leo action scenes for A Way Out

The director spoke about the development process of the cooperative title

Now that the release date of the cooperative title, A Way Out , developed by Hazelight Studios under the direction of Josef Fares, has begun to reveal some details about its creation. One of them is the process of recording the action scenes that did not require doubles since it was the same director who made them.

The official site of Electronic Arts , distributor of A Way Out , presented an interview with Josef Fares , director of the game, in which he revealed some details about the development process and the theme of the game. At the beginning, Fares spoke about the time in which the title is set, the decade of the seventies, which will be reflected in some elements and moments without it becoming something obvious. Also, Fares said that the development of the characters has been very important and stressed that, practically, lives by and for A Way Out at this time.

According to Fares, his role as director and head of A Way Out was taken to the highest level and the development of the characters was not limited to work in hardware, as it also made the motion capture of all the dangerous scenes and action. In that sense, the creator mentioned: "we interpret the characters, so we have to do it exactly as we want it to be." I took care of all the capture of movements for Leo, and our studio head, Oskar Wolontis, did the same for Vincent, and we did not limit ourselves to that: we also did all the dangerous scenes of the game, we did not have specialists for the jumps, the fights and everything that the players see on the screen, we did everything ourselves, it was not easy, but we got to the end, despite hurting us a few times. "

Finally, Fares highlighted his commitment to the creation of A Way Out and the effort made to make the game a reality and pay special attention to every detail: "If you believe in something and feel passion for it, you are willing to face anything. long running and walking sessions in which we capture all the movements and possible animations, from crawling to bending over, going through sprinting and running, for almost twenty hours ".

If you wait for the arrival of A Way Out , you should know that the title will arrive on PS4, Xbox One and PC next March 23 and so that you are preparing to help Leo and Vincent to escape from prison.


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