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It will be that easy to create cutscenes in Dreams

Media Molecule shared one more gameplay of its new title

Dreams, the new Media Molecule project, is characterized by offering us a large number of tools so that we can invent and make reality what we can think of. A team of developers wanted to demonstrate the potential of the game, so they shared a new gameplay.

The breakthrough was recorded at the Game Developers Conference 2018. In it, we see various Media Molecule creatives, who show part of the process to create cutscenes in Dreams.

The video is quite extensive, so we have the opportunity to take a look at several tools of the game. Some of them will let us control different characters as if they were puppets.

If for some reason you think that Dreams will be a complicated title, you should know that Media Molecule worked to offer an accessible interface for all. So, you will not have difficulties to master their various creation options. Without further ado, I leave the video below:

Some studio members also showed the potential of Dreams when creating a game. On the other hand, the company could implement a system for selling creations from PlayStation Network.

According to some reports, Dreams will focus first on the single-player experience, since its multiplayer mode will take a while to arrive. Dreams will debut exclusively for PlayStation 4 sometime in 2018

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