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Is a classic coming back? Nintendo registers the Wario Land brand

It has done the same with eight other brands, some of which prepare new video games.

In the last Nintendo Direct, the Japanese firm presented the remake of Luigi's Mansion, announced the launch of Smash Bros. in Nintendo Switch and showed WarioWare or the new Dillon's Dead Heat Breakers among other video games and, interestingly, they belong to brands that the Great N has recently registered in Japan. Therefore, that in this last action has also included the brand Wario Land leads us to think that this beloved series of platform adventures could be back.

The nine trademarks registered by Nintendo are the following: 'Octo', 'Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers',' Luigi's Mansion ',' Mario & Luigi ',' Metroid ',' Metroid Prime ',' Smash Bros. ',' Wario Land 'and' WarioWare '. Most of these, as we indicated lines back, recently announced their return with new video games or remastering of classics released on other platforms, so we have to wait for news to discover if the evil Warrior will star in a new adventure, or return in another way to 3DS or Nintendo Switch

The last episode of the Wario Land series premiered in the Wii era, with a great platform video game that, as we highlighted in the Wario Land analysis: The Shake Dimension , is an "old-style platform" that knew how to take advantage of the Wiimote "not to create a complex adventure, but to simplify it until it is possible for everything to be controllable based on no more than two buttons".

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