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Iron Harvest Game will not be launched until the end of 2019

The strategy video game aims to be a success since in a matter of hours he has managed to raise a third of his Kickstarter.

In the last few dates, we have talked to you several times about Iron Harvest, one of the most attractive independent video games of all those who are on the table at the moment. We presented it to you at the time of its announcement, in November 2016 and with the main attraction of its alternative version of 1920 in a strategic key. Now the title is again news because it has started its Kickstarter, and it has put a date of late 2019 for its release.

This RTS, which in some way resembles classics such as Company of Heroes, seeks to raise 364,889 euros, a figure that does not seem to have many problems to reach since at the time of writing this news has already achieved more than 104,000 euros, almost one-third of the total crowdfunding.

The campaign crowdfunding has started a few days ago to meet all the deadlines we advance you when we announced the landing of the game in Kickstarter for March 13. The enormous interest shown in the first images, the concepts and the incredible demo that we showed you a few days ago have done the rest to attract the attention of the fans.

Do you want to support the product? In the Iron Harvest Kickstarter, there are several options to do it, from a modest of just $ 10 to a $ 2,000 loaded with succulent extras and the chance to meet the guys at King Art Games.

There are different incentives depending on the goals that are achieved, for example, a multiplayer in case you reach the million dollars (quite a feasible goal). And it is also reported that there are Alphas scheduled for 2018 (one in summer and another at the end of the year) and a beta in the second quarter of 2019, before the release of the final version on PC, PS4 and Xbox One by the end of 2019.

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