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GTA IV receives mysterious update on Xbox One

Rockstar is preparing for the 10th anniversary of the game?

Last week, Grand Theft Auto IV and the independent version that includes the extra content, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City, received a mysterious update on Xbox One without any official information on the changes made by this patch.

Several users began reporting that GTA IV received an update of almost 580 MB for the retro-compatible version of Xbox One. Remember that the title was originally released on April 29, 2008, on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, however, none of these editions has the strange update.
For its part, Rockstar has not released any information on the content of this update, which is generating more uncertainty on the part of the players. Initially, it was thought to be an update to take advantage of the power of the Xbox One X, but so far GTA IV does not appear in the list of titles that use the extra power of the console.

So what is going on here? The community of Grand Theft Auto aims for a new edition of the title. In 2011, Rockstar brought Grand Theft Auto III to iOS and Android devices to celebrate its 10th anniversary, in 2012 it did the same with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and in 2014 the company launched a port of the mobile version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Xbox 360. So, this update could be related, in some way, with a new version of Grand Theft Auto IV for consoles of current generation or, perhaps, for mobile devices.

GTA IV will be 10 years old on April 29, so, taking into account the history of Rockstar, it is likely that next month we will see a new version of the game. The players assume that this update could eliminate some expired songs from the current version, as the study did before launching the mobile ports of GTA III, GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Liberty City Stories. Therefore, the update would aim to eliminate or add new songs for a new edition or an improved port of the game.

However, there is also the option that this update is related to some improvements for the retro-compatible version of Xbox One. Although neither Microsoft nor Rockstar have given any statement on this update, it is likely that the only purpose is to improve the performance of the title in the consoles. During its arrival to Xbox One, the game had framerate problems and, consequently, input lag.

Finally, remember that in February appeared in the Amazon Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition system, a new version of the successful Rockstar title that has already sold more than 90 million copies and is likely to be available on March 23. There is not much likelihood that there is a connection between this edition and GTA IV, but anything could happen. 


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